Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hoop Art How to

This past weekend I got a little crafty.  I don't usually get to do this type of crafting with a five year old, two cats and a dog running around.  Although, one of my cats did try to hinder the crafting by trying to lay on all supplies and work area.  But I persevered!

My little TV wall in the living room has been begging me for some new art to fill up all the empty space.  I had been avoiding putting anything up because my husband always nags me when I put up anything to distract his eyes from the TV.  Fishing shows are very important, you know!  Gotta learn some new skills!

 He went fishing on Sunday so while he was gone I made some wall decor on the cheap! I had found three vintage pillow cases with floral print and some wooden embroidery hoops on Saturday's thrifting adventure.  These supplies cost me under $10 to buy.  CHEAP!

You can use any fabric to match any decor!  Such a great inexpensive way to add color to your room as well!  This is the way the TV wall looked after I hung all the hoops and some other thrifted goodies.  

I love how everything turned out! 

 I found the green soldier dudes at a thrift store already painted.  They are so cute!  My husband keeps telling me that they are staring at him!

I found this TV tray stand, globe and fancy little glass dome.  I bought it with the intention to sell, but I think I am gonna keep it!

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  1. ohh wow! These look great! :)
    Love your post, by the way! New follower of yours!


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