Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Busy Week

I haven't done much thrifting this week.  Mostly because my husband and I have been redoing our hallway at home.  Here is a before and after picture....
You wouldn't think a little hallway would be hard to do, but it was actually harder than doing our whole bedroom!  I did take a quick trip to Thrift Town on Monday and found a few goodies.  I found some polka dot coffee mugs, some retro flower print coffee mugs and a gorgeous pink depression glass candy dish.
I probably need to lay off the thrifting for a while.  I have so much stuff that I haven't listed in my shop, that it is ridiculous! Lots of awesome vintage items are waiting to be found... if I would just make myself list them all!  So check out my shop over the next few days.  You might just find something that you have to have!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thrifty Thursday 2

I got to go on a thrifting adventure today!  I think I scored big time. I found the prettiest framed needlepoint of peacocks in pastel shades of blue and pink and a framed crewel embroidery of a church.  Anytime I find crewel needlework, my heart flutters and I quickly grab it as if someone else might take it away.  You would think that I had struck gold or found a diamond.  I just can't get enough of crewel work!  I love the thought that a little old lady sat down, patiently stitching this gorgeous piece of art and probably proudly hung it in her home.  I bet the lady never thought that someone else would treasure her work.  Kind of makes me sad to think about it.  Usually I don't post my coveted crewel art to my store, but since my walls are officially full....this one will have to go.  

Some of the other treasures that I found today were a brown and tan coffee and tea service set, a set of mid century glassware, a California Pottery serving platter, a snack tray, some candle holders, a cool Samsonite carry on bag, and a cute vintage purse for myself! All in all it was a pretty successful day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bedroom Renovation

 We had a minor flood in our master bath last week.  It flowed out into our bedroom and further ruined the old and musty carpet that came with the house when we bought it.  We decided to check out the local discount builder's surplus store for some cheap flooring.  We scored some laminate wood flooring for $0.59 a square foot!! After tearing out the carpet, my husband discovered that our shower had also been leaking.  Long story short, he ended up having to tear out the Sheetrock to repair the shower, re-Sheetrock, and then mud and re-texture the walls.  I am so thankful to have a handy husband that knows how to do all this!

  I chose to paint the walls a soft gray color with bright white trim.  After a little lot of impatient banter on my part, we FINALLY were able to put down our beautiful flooring.  

After the flooring was installed, the fun part started.  I had been waiting for over a week to decorate!  On a thrift stop, that weekend I found some awesome vintage drapes in the softest shade of mint, a gold and cream patterned bed skirt and a gorgeous ornate mirror. It was so much fun putting together our "new" bedroom. It is so amazing what some new flooring and a new shade of paint can do for a room!  Before we renovated, I avoided our room at all cost, but now I want to be in there all the time.  I guess I just want to admire all the vintage treasures that we have pieced together over the past year to finally make our room feel like home. 

Minus the new lamp shades and some throw pillows everything in our room is either a thrift find, a hand me down or something we have had for years.  Pretty much everything is vintage as well! I am so proud of our thrifty little room!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fun Find Friday

Well, I went to two thrift stores yesterday.  At the first store, I found a really cool Mid Century Georges Briard platinum serving dish.  It was pretty sweet and reasonably priced, so I had to buy it.  My sister-in-law Candace, who is also an avid thrifter and collector, loves Georges Briard. I had no idea what Georges Briard glass looked like until Candace showed me back in October of last year.  It's pretty- Don't  you think?

So after that mini jackpot, Mom, Katie and I headed to the second store.  I found an awesome Mid Century rolling record stand, a floral crewel and a couple of brightly colored records to display in the record stand for pictures.  All in all, it was a pretty good day spent thrifting. 

What has been your most coveted thrifted treasure?

Thrifty Thursday 1

Today is the day! Thrifty Thursday! This is the day that I hit up at least 3 thrift stores in the Fort Worth area.  I go with my momma (Jan) and my 5 year old daughter (Katelyn).  We always have fun-- well at least I think we do.  Katelyn can get bored pretty quickly, so my thrifting trips are usually pretty rushed, but I have gotten good and spotting what I want within few minutes. We will call this "Speed Thrifting".  I seriously can not wait until my Katie goes to Kindergarten.  I will miss her but those few hours of free time are going to be SO productive.  Stay tuned for Fun Find Friday.  Hopefully I find a load of unique treasures to share with you!

Friday, February 1, 2013


Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last post, but I am back! The old blog page felt alittle too boring, so I made a new one.  This is a fresh start. A new beginning.  Over the past month a2ndlife has reached many milestones.

  • We reached 300 sales on New Year's Day and have been keeping steady since then.
  • We reached 300 likes on our facebook page!
  • We reached over 1000 follower's on Twitter
  • And lastly,we reached 500 shop favorites on Etsy.
This is so exciting for me! I am so proud of my little shop and hope that it continues to grow in 2013.  Onward and upwards!! There are no limits, unless I limit myself.  Thank you to each and everyone of you that have liked, favorited, and followed a2ndlife.  It really means so much to me!