Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thrifty Thursday 2

I got to go on a thrifting adventure today!  I think I scored big time. I found the prettiest framed needlepoint of peacocks in pastel shades of blue and pink and a framed crewel embroidery of a church.  Anytime I find crewel needlework, my heart flutters and I quickly grab it as if someone else might take it away.  You would think that I had struck gold or found a diamond.  I just can't get enough of crewel work!  I love the thought that a little old lady sat down, patiently stitching this gorgeous piece of art and probably proudly hung it in her home.  I bet the lady never thought that someone else would treasure her work.  Kind of makes me sad to think about it.  Usually I don't post my coveted crewel art to my store, but since my walls are officially full....this one will have to go.  

Some of the other treasures that I found today were a brown and tan coffee and tea service set, a set of mid century glassware, a California Pottery serving platter, a snack tray, some candle holders, a cool Samsonite carry on bag, and a cute vintage purse for myself! All in all it was a pretty successful day!

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  1. I am a die-hard thrifter as welll! That peacock is awesome!!!


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