Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Busy Week

I haven't done much thrifting this week.  Mostly because my husband and I have been redoing our hallway at home.  Here is a before and after picture....
You wouldn't think a little hallway would be hard to do, but it was actually harder than doing our whole bedroom!  I did take a quick trip to Thrift Town on Monday and found a few goodies.  I found some polka dot coffee mugs, some retro flower print coffee mugs and a gorgeous pink depression glass candy dish.
I probably need to lay off the thrifting for a while.  I have so much stuff that I haven't listed in my shop, that it is ridiculous! Lots of awesome vintage items are waiting to be found... if I would just make myself list them all!  So check out my shop over the next few days.  You might just find something that you have to have!

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