Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bedroom Renovation

 We had a minor flood in our master bath last week.  It flowed out into our bedroom and further ruined the old and musty carpet that came with the house when we bought it.  We decided to check out the local discount builder's surplus store for some cheap flooring.  We scored some laminate wood flooring for $0.59 a square foot!! After tearing out the carpet, my husband discovered that our shower had also been leaking.  Long story short, he ended up having to tear out the Sheetrock to repair the shower, re-Sheetrock, and then mud and re-texture the walls.  I am so thankful to have a handy husband that knows how to do all this!

  I chose to paint the walls a soft gray color with bright white trim.  After a little lot of impatient banter on my part, we FINALLY were able to put down our beautiful flooring.  

After the flooring was installed, the fun part started.  I had been waiting for over a week to decorate!  On a thrift stop, that weekend I found some awesome vintage drapes in the softest shade of mint, a gold and cream patterned bed skirt and a gorgeous ornate mirror. It was so much fun putting together our "new" bedroom. It is so amazing what some new flooring and a new shade of paint can do for a room!  Before we renovated, I avoided our room at all cost, but now I want to be in there all the time.  I guess I just want to admire all the vintage treasures that we have pieced together over the past year to finally make our room feel like home. 

Minus the new lamp shades and some throw pillows everything in our room is either a thrift find, a hand me down or something we have had for years.  Pretty much everything is vintage as well! I am so proud of our thrifty little room!

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  1. You are sooo creative!And have such good taste!


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