Saturday, April 13, 2013

Amazing Spaces

Here are some amazing spaces that you can drool over! Each space has something in common~ COLOR!  Having bright and bold POPS of color in your home can make a boring room, F-U-N and instantly cooler!

Contrasting Red and Blue with little splashes of Yellow/Green.

There is a lot of neutral colors going on in this room with vibrant shades of mustard yellow and reds.

 I love that blue brick wall with the colorful artwork. Oh and the cat!

I really love the way they kept it simple. I have trouble keeping it simple when it comes to knick knacks!

 Another beautiful neutral space with POPS of colorful wall art.  I especially love the Fight Club portraits of Tyler Durden and "Jack".
SWOON!  I could really get crafty in this room! And would you look at that flooring!

All images courtesy of Pinterest

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  1. I do agree! amazing spaces! :)
    love the last photo's drawing on a wall! Well.. I do all of these photos! And beautiful colors! :)
    Thanks for sharing. They are very inspiring. Makes me dream about my future home once again! :)


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