Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Front Page Love

 Hopefully, this is a sign of good things to come! My shop was FINALLY featured on the front page of Etsy. TWICE!!! I know that being on the front page doesn't guarantee sales... or anything really... but it makes me feel like I am doing something right and people are noticing. My shop A2ndlife will be two years old in September this year. My baby shop is growing up!


  1. Congratulations on making it to the front page! That would totally make my day if a item from my Etsy shop made it there :-) Thanks for following my blog, you have a lovely blog itself and i just started following!

    1. Thanks Bev! Yes I was ecstatic! It only took about 2 years to get on there :) Thanks for following and I look forward to reading your posts!


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